Acoustic Wall
& Ceiling Panels

In acoustic applications, both, ordinary Paroc Panel System panels and perforated acoustic panels can be used. Our acoustic panels have a perforated facing on one side to provide better sound absorption. It can be used for partition walls and ceilings in normal dry internal climatic conditions. In ceiling application the perforated panel surface is always on the lower side.

Weighted sound reduction at various noise spectra - AST® S

Panel thickness, mm Sound reduction, dB
 Rw Rw + C   Rw + Ctr
50 *AST E 33    
80 32 29 28
100 32    
120 32    
150 32 29 28
175 32    
200 31    
240 30 29 27
300 29    

Use R’w+ C for

Use R’w+ Ctr for

  • Train noise at high and medium speeds
  • Road traffic over 80 km/h
  • Jet noise at short distances
  • Industrial noise (medium and high frequency)
  • Street traffic noise
  • Train noise at low speeds
  • Jet noise at long distances
  • Industrial noise (low and medium frequency)

Sound absorption


Practical sound absorption coefficient

In Standard execution Paroc Panels have a steel sheet facing. Thus the sound absorption acts like a reflecting surface. Paroc acoustic panels have a perforated facing on one surdace which improves the panel's sound absorption properties. It can be used in normal dry interal climatic conditions

Fav Faved
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