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Architectural Delign solution is an innovative sandwich panel system that can be used to fade out the vertical joints typically found on facades of prefabricated buildings. Continuous horizontal joints crossing over the element’s vertical joints offer a whole new world of visual possibilities for facade construction.

Architectural design - Concept
in brief

Including panels, fixings, seals and flashings. 

Paroc Delign (Shadow) sandwich panels with stone wool core and steel surface, with a deep panel joint. The thickness on a facade varies between 120 and 300 mm.

However, the most remarkable innovation in the Delign concept is the user friendly mounting and flashing system. The panel fixings remain hidden underneath the surface flashing and the vertical seams of a building will now blend in much better with the rest of the facade.

Architectural "Delign" removes barriers to building designers’ creativity

Delign installation

One of the key benefits of the  Delign concept is the speedy installation. For instance, no tinsmiths are required for the installation. 

We have compiled the main elements of the installation process in the attached animation. These tips are meant for experienced panel installers. 

Delign - Installation Guide

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