Paroc Panel System BUILT-ON Facades

Built-ON Façades

Sandwich panel façades with additional cladding materials

When the aesthetic value of a façade is essential, this modern, lightweight and high-tech system is the best choice for high-profile structures, such as business premises and public buildings. 

Ceramic tiles Ceramic tiles

Design Flexibility

Combine sandwich panels with other cladding materials! Cassettes, ceramic tiles, HPL, glass, timber or bricks, that create new possibilities for rainscreen façade design.

You can choose panel types AST® L Built-On, AST® S Built-On, AST® F Built-On, AST® E Built-On
and QuadCore™ B Built-On with:

• Declared cross panel tensile strength
- AST® > 0.1-0.23 MPa
- QuadCore™ > 0,05Mpa

• Exterior steel sheet thickness
- AST®≥ 0.6 or 0.7 mm.
- QuadCore™ ≥ 0,6 mm.

Installation of Additional Cladding

Installation with Support Profiles
Installation directly to Built-on Panel
Built-on with cladding and support profiles

Cladding materials are fixed to Hat and Z profiles according to manufacturer’s instructions.

Detailed information you can find in our new BUILT-ON brochure
Built-on with cladding directly to panel

Due to the unique strength properties of Paroc Panel System panels, you can easily attach additional cladding materials directly to panel facing. 

Detailed information you can find in our new BUILT-ON brochure

QuadCore B Built-On Panel

QuadCore ™ insulation technology takes insulated panels to a superior level of thermal performance guaranteed within whole building lifecycle, enhances fire protection and environmental credentials. QuadCore™ sandwich panels are single-component, factory-engineered systems that, when compared with traditional built-up systems, deliver very fast buildspeed while minimising risks associated with installation quality issues. 
thickness (mm)
80 103 120 150 170 200
(W/m2K) [1]  
0,23 0,18 0,16 0,13 0,11 0,10
(kg/m2) [2]
11,69 12,49 13,29 14,49 15,29 16,49
Reaction to fire B-s1,d0
1) U-values including surface resistance Rsi+Rse=0,17 m2K/W and the influence of joints.
2) Panels with standard facings.


AST Built-On Panels

The AST® Technology ensures high tensile strength, reliable longevity and fire resistance of sandwich panels. Paroc Panel System insulated panels use also various primer and coating layers of steel sheets to eliminate the potential risk of corrosion inside the panel and ensure the bonding between the adhesive and the steel sheet. 
thickness (mm)
  80 100 120 150 175 200 240 300
(W/m2K) [1]
AST L Built-on 0,45 0,37 0,30 0,24 0,21 0,18 0,15 0,12
  AST S Built-on 0,48 0,38 0,32 0,26 0,22 0,19 0,16 0,13
  AST F Built-on 0,53 0,43 0,36 0,29 0,25 0,22 0,18 0,14
  AST E Built-on 0,53 0,43 0,36 0,29 0,25 0,22 0,18 0,14
Weight (kg/m2) AST L Built-on 15 17 18 21 22 24 27 31
  AST S Built-on 17 19 21 23 25 28 32 37
  AST F Built-on 19 21 24 27 30 33 38 45
  AST E Built-on 19 22 24 28 31 34 39 47
Reaction to fire A2-s1,d0
1) U-values including surface resistance Rsi+Rse=0,17 m2K/W and the influence of joints.
2) Panels with standard facings.


New Built-ON™ brochure

Learn more about benefits from Built-ON™ in our new brochure

BUILT-ON - Reference Projects

Individual flashing design

Paroc_PS__Individual flashing design

Flashings add to the aesthetic value of facades. Creative flashing designs can be used to achieve individual effects and shadows. When designing flashings, it is important to consider the height of the fixings for panels. Flashings are made of PVDF-coated steels sheet in a wide range. The recommended thickness is 0.6–0.7 mm.

Contact your local Paroc Panel System sales office for standard and bespoke flashings. 


Our systems & support

We provide solutions for facilities with specialised needs, such as extra fire-safety, hygiene, sensitive acoustics, and attractive architecture. Sandwich panel solutions include everything needed to complete a structure: insulated panels, fixings, flashings, profiles, sealants, lifting equipment as well as first-class technical support.

Discover other solutions for architectural facades

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