Fireproof Walls

Fireproof insulated panels

Our insulated panels are a reliable choice wherever fireproof materials are required to protect life and property. The insulated panels system provides a complete solution for fire resistant facilities or interiors, with non-combustible panels and specially designed details and accessories.

Our insulated panels are non-combustible, classified in Euroclass A2-s1,d0 and our structural stone wool core is in Euroclass A1. Paroc Panel System panel structures meet the requirements for fire resistance up to four hours in walls and up to one three in ceilings.

EI-M classified fire wall

EI-M classified fire wall has been tested according to standards EN 1364-1 and EN 1363-2. Classifications EI-M 90. EI-M 120 are available.

EI-M classified walls are available as both single wall construction and double wall construction.

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Fire-rated ceilings

Non-loadbearing Paroc ceilings have fire rating EI60 against fire from below. In fire-rated ceilings the panel joints on top are connected together with screws c/c 500mm. Panel AST E is always used in ceilings. Spans for fire-rated ceilings are to be dimensioned case by case

Fire resistance test

For 150 mm thick insulated panel type AST 

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