Dri-Design Façades


The Dri-Design façade system is now available across Paroc Panel System’s architectural range, offering almost unlimited design options and supper fast installation.

Dri Design Flat

Design to the Next Level

Dri-Design is an innovative solution for designing and implementing attractive 3D-façades and unique on the market. It is a system of aluminum cassettes that can be provided in different sizes, shapes, textures and colours, installed as a typical ventilated façade or directly to Paroc Panel System’s sandwich panels.

Thanks to their properties and special joints, Dri-Design cassettes can be installed twice as fast as other comparable façade systems.

Why Dri-Design?

  • Beautifully simple one-piece engineering
  • Unique 3D cassette system on the market
  • Nearly endless design possibilities
  • Unlimited palate of colours, finishes, textures and custom perforations
  • Free technical support
  • Simplicity of modular system
  • Up to two times shorter Installation time than other comparable façade systems, which gives measurable savings
  • No dirty or wet work required - completely dry install
  • Installation in practically all weather conditions with Paroc Panel System sandwich panels
  • Functionality, low maintenance cost for minimal cleaning
  • Façade cost vs premium look - premium look creates potential higher selling price
  • Manufacturer guarantee for full system from one supplier
  • 100% recyclable and can be repurposed, ready for the circular economy

Benefits from Dri-Design Façade


One Cassette, Plenty of Options

Product Features

Dry Joints
Environmentally Friendly
Colours and Coatings
Certified and Guaranteed
No sealants or gaskets means no maintenance legacy for the building owner, and no dirty streaks. The cassette is not laminated nor a composite material, so the cassettes will never delaminate.
Composite and foam façade systems can’t match Dri-Design for its environmental footprint. Dri-Design cassettes are made with recycled metal, are 100% recyclable and can be repurposed. The Dri-Design single skin technology does not have a plastic core like other metal composite cladding materials. It uses no sealants in the joints or gaskets which are made with petroleum, saving fossil fuels and future maintenance costs.
Available in a variety of colours, structural finishes, dimensions and textures. Practially any colour is
available on request, depending on order quantity.
Dri-Design is the economical alternative thanks to our highly automated manufacturing process and
Quick & Easy Installation. The cassettes are not laminated or composite material. They will maintain
uniformity and excellent appearance for many years with minimum maintenance cost.
Dri-Design is CE marked and obtained national approvals. It comes with our unique manufacturer guarantee for supply from the full system by us, offering a unique one-stop-shop façade system solution. Dri-Design cassettes are made with highly automated equipment which ensures high repeatable quality of all elements.

Colours & Coatings

Material Properties
Standard PPC Coatings
Structural Coatings
We offer an extensive colour and finishes range for our Dri-Design system.
Dri-Design cassettes are available in aluminium coated with polyester
powder coating (PPC) and are classified to EN13501-1: A2-s1,d0. Other
material like corten, copper, zinc and stainless steel are available on special
request, and can be also replicated in appearance with PPC on aluminium.
Our standard colours are available in a variety of gloss levels, from matt
to high gloss. Practially any colour is available on request, depending on order quantity.
Dri-Design is also available in anodised aluminium. Our Structural coatings
on aluminium however can replicate the apprearance of other more
expensive materials like copper, zinc or corten steel giving texture and
tone as well as colour.

Anodizing of aluminium takes the natural oxidation process and helps it
along by adding electricity and chemicals to produce a dense surface that
is integral with the aluminum

Download Dri-Design Brochures & Guides

Paroc_PS Dri-Design brochure

Paroc Panel DriDesign Facades - colours brochure

Dri-Design dimensions matrix

Dri Design Shadow

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