Architectural Wall Panel System

Paroc Panel System offers wide range of facade systems for buildings with high aesthetics, cutting-edge design coupled with highest thermal performance, fire protection and technical functionality.
Product Use Insulation core Fixing type Thickness
U-value [W/m2K] Reaction to fire Fire resistance, max* 

DELIGN Paroc Panel System
New build AST®  Hidden fix 120-300 0,45 - 0,12 A2-s1,d0 - EI 180
QuadCore™ M

New build QuadCore™  Hidden fix 100 - 150 0,18 - 0,12 B-s1,d0 EI 15

Renovation AST® Through fix 50 - 300 0,92 - 0,15 A2-s1,d0 N/A

New build/ Decorative AST® Through fix 80 - 300 0,45 - 0,12 C-s1,d0 N/A
* Maximum fire resistance.  Please contact Paroc Panel System/ Technical Support for detailed information regarding specific panel thickness, span and type of application. More detailed information can be found also in our Product Selector.
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