QuadCore M - Facade Panel System

QuadCore ™ insulation technology takes insulated panels to a superior level of thermal performance guaranteed within whole building lifecycle, enhances fire protection and environmental credentials. QuadCore™ sandwich panels are single-component, factory-engineered systems that, when compared with traditional built-up systems, deliver very fast buildspeed while minimising risks associated with installation quality issues. 
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Product details

Architectural secret-fix wall panel systems with profiles suitable for either vertical or horizontal applications. QuadCore™ Technology brings specific additional performance benefits to the QuadCore™ M system including: 
  • Superior thermal efficiency with lambda 0,018 W/mK
  • Wide range of profile and colour options
  • Complementary accessories

QuadCore M
thickness (mm)
(W/m2K) [1]
Fire resistance, max
(horizontal/vertical) [2]
Reaction to fire Weight
(kg/m2) [3]
60 - EI 15 B-s1,d0 11,97
100 0,18 EI 15 B-s1,d0 12,77
150 0,12 EI 15 B-s1,d0 14,77
1) U-values including surface resistance Rsi+Rse=0,17 m2K/W and the influence of joints.
2) Maximum fire resistance. For more information regarding details and spans contact Paroc Panel System/ Technical Support.
3) Panels with standard facings.
Paroc_PS_QuadCore M dimensions

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