Paroc PS Ceiling System

Ceiling Panel System

Paroc Panel System sandwich panels are perfect solution for not only external and internal walls, but also for ceilings. We have developed AST® E panel especially for ceilings, with high strength requirements and long spans. QuadCore™ C wall & ceiling system ensures the highest thermal insulation and airtightness.
Product Use Insulation core Fixing type Thickness [mm] U-value [W/m2K] Reaction to fire

Fire resistance, max* 


New build AST® Through fix 50 - 300 0,77 - 0,14 A2-s1,d0 EI 60 - 180
QuadCore™ C

New build QuadCore™ Through fix 80 - 200 0,23 - 0,09 B-s1,d0 EI 15
* Maximum fire resistance.  Please contact Paroc Panel System/ Technical Support for detailed information regarding specific panel thickness, span and type of application. More detailed information can be found also in our Product Selector.
ceiling pps quadcore
Ceilings are divided in two types, non-walk-on ceilings and walk-on ceilings:

• Non-walk-on ceilings are dimensioned only for the panel
dead weight and possible loads from suspen sions in
the panels. Walking is not allowed on the ceilings after
installation nor the use of the ceiling as support for
equipment, ducts etc.

• Walk-on ceilings can be dimensioned for the panel dead
weight, point load for foot track and uniform ly distributed
service load of 25 kg/m2 if no other load information is
Paroc Panel System panels are not intended to be used as permanent working surfaces, nor are they intended to be used as support for machines, ducts etc. Such devices are to be suspended from a separate load-bearing structure. If the walk-on ceiling has to be protected (see below), the weight of the protection has to be taken into account in dimensioning.
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