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AST® F+ through-fix wall panel system with insulation core made of PAROC structural stone wool designed for very high  fire requirements. AST® Technology brings specific additional performance benefits to the AST® F+ panel system including:
  • Superior strength and span performance
  • Specially treated to be water-repellent, non-hygroscopic and non-capillary
  • Classified in Euroclass A2-s1,d0 and fire resistanant up to EI 240
The AST® Technology ensures high tensile strength, reliable longevity and fire resistance of sandwich panels. Paroc Panel System insulated panels use also various primer and coating layers of steel sheets to eliminate the potential risk of corrosion inside the panel and ensure the bonding between the adhesive and the steel sheet. To secure colour and gloss retention in the panel surface, PVDF is the standard coating in external use.

thickness (mm)
(W/m2K) [1]
Fire resistance, max
(horizontal/vertical) [2]
Reaction to fire Weight
(kg/m2) [3]
100 0,43 EI 120 / EI 120 A2-s1,d0 21
120 0,36 EI 120 / EI 120 A2-s1,d0 24
1) U-values including surface resistance Rsi+Rse=0,17 m2K/W and the influence of joints.
2) Maximum fire resistance. For more information regarding details and spans contact Paroc Panel System/ Technical Support.
3) Panels with standard facings.
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